Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I will not miss

I love being pregnant, don't get me wrong. I love how food tastes better than ever during the 2nd trimester, feeling the baby kicks and dreaming about what the future holds with this new little life.

I love it so much that I know I will miss being pregnant after the baby is born. So, as a reminder for my future self, here are the things I will NOT miss about being pregnant. I want to look back on pregnancy with positive memories, but I don't want to waste energy on missing it...I think this will help. Here's what I won't miss:

  • The frustration of dropping something, or needing to bend down to pick something up; the fact that I wonder, "do I really need this item? Is there anything else I can do while I'm down there? Maybe Owen or Aydrin could hand it to me, instead."
  • Becoming breathless from simply walking across a room, let alone walking up the stairs. It takes forever to get things done!
  • Not being able to lift or carry large or heavy items. Strong nesting urges paired with the inability to move furniture or haul large boxes of unwanted items to the curb
  • Outgrowing some of my maternity clothes. I refuse to buy more when I only have a few weeks left, so I've just dealt with a limited wardrobe even if it means having to do more laundry to have enough things to wear for the week or belly shirts
  • Wishing we had access to a crane or bulldozer that would make rolling over or getting out of bed easier tasks
  • Moving "wrong" and feeling my hips shift unpleasantly out of alignment. When I feel and hear that distinct *snap!* on either side of my spine I know I'm in for it. These hormones have really loosened my joints up, which is good for the delivery but not so good for anything else.Although I will be having a csection so I really could do without
  • not being able to paint my toenails very easily. I still can its just become more of a chore than something enjoyable. 

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  1. lol I LIKE being preggers to, until the end and then I just want the baby out so I can sleep on my belly again and be comfortable!

    Can't wait to see pics of the newest member of the family :)