Sunday, February 20, 2011

soon to be...

...a mommy of three!
A few of the things that make my life more interesting and things I couldnt do without

First of all never underestimate the power of the band aid!

No matter how big or small bleeding or not dont fight it give um a band aid !

A yard of fabric will go a long way... I made these thinking they would
be tired of them by the end of the day. Almost two years later they
are still a big hit. Super "O" has had
to have his cape repaired twice from all his super hero work.
I have to admit he even wore it to church, soring down the aisle like superman :)

There are days at a time that I never see my children because of these
Thank heaven for Legos

they could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner
I dont let them of course

Mud,dirt or water

what is it with boys and getting dirty?
as much as I hate cleaning up the mess I love seeing them have a blast


  1. oh so true! love the mud pics!

  2. This is so true. I love this one. Oh, and chicken strips must accompany mac and cheese at least twice a week. heehee. So true. Lets see, a bath isn't worth taking without toys that make the bathroom messier than the kid was in the first place. :)

  3. I can SOOOOO relate to this! I have 6 sons (youngest is 13 now) but OH the fun we have had in the mud, the trees, playing army, is the best!! Thankfully, I have one daughter as well, but I wouldn't trade these 6 boys for the world!

  4. Brings back lots of memories both with my children and now my grandchildren are still into some of these things...makes life fun and just shows how the little things in life are 'very' important with our precious children.
    Blessings to you, Mary as you look forward to that wonderful #3 to come along.

    love and hugs

  5. what a wonderful post! my daughters use to run outside to play in the rain; they would dance and twirl and catch raindrops in their mouths. so great to be young and to be around the young :)

  6. Mary this is so funny!! I sat here and just laughed at those superman capes :) Darling and so hilarious that they continued to love them so long -- shows just how faulty logic can be lol

  7. Mary, I love your blog. Loved this. LOVED the capes, the thought of the boys that love playing in the mud. I also loved some of those baby rooms in the next blogs.